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Mersona for #SatMerday ( thx Sfé )

Modern day DBZ AU Vegeta.  Sorry, not sorry.

Another commission! This one was for MK Reed!

Another finished commission!

You’re dead to me, Valentine.   L  I  T   E   R   A    L     L     Y

A birthday drawing for CharmWitch, of Edel and Lawrence from her webcomic Solstoria!

Trying to figure out painting stuff in Mango Studio 5…

In your rush to talk about all the great gay witch OC’s from comics this year, let’s take a moment to remember all the yaoi ghosts out there

Some other commissions I finished recently.

1. Alison Wilgus’s cat characters from her comic ‘A Stray In The Woods’:

2. Caeleigh Boara’s OC’s from her comic ‘Felicity Baile and the Literary Pursuit’:

3. Chrysa Nicole’s two OC’s from her project:

4. Seanan McGuire’s two OC’s, Artie and Sarah:

5. Leia Weathington’s best OC, Bold Riley, gay lady adventurer:

Some other commissions I’ve done! Half of the ones I’ve finished I can’t really post before the holidays are over because they are gifts, but I will make a post of those after Christmas.

I’m also feeling too lazy right now to type out who all these guys are, I’ll do that later and edit this post.

I always meant to do one of those normal expression sheets for these guys, but then I saw this and did it instead. I really need to push expressions and the loosen up the ‘stiffness’ of my characters more, but this was fun practice.

That bottom left one tho, my fave.

Some of the commissions I’ve been doing.

1. Battle Dog and Wyra, for Andrew Duff, from his comic Battle Dog

2. Kolya and Ptitchka, for M Harris from their comic Icarus

3. Nicholas (ghost bb! Ahh!), for Jen, from her project Unfinished Business

Colors thrown on that drawing from earlier, b/c I wanted to finish something tonight and feel slightly accomplished (behind on a page for All Night this week, and I have commissions left to finish up).

Late-night WIP, maybe I’ll add color later.

Earnest talks, heart-to-hearts.

A while back I drew Choo’s two trash babies, Forty and Mik, as scam artist drifters in my comic’s universe. Good job you two, you’re awful people no matter what universe you’re in. Best trash babies, A+ would draw again.

Here is that full image I did a couple days ago that I used a snippet of for the commission post.

Thanks again anyone who reblogged that commissions post, it was a huge help! :3